A strong team!

Together we face the challenges for healthy growth.

With many years of experience in the health food sector already under their belt, the three founders of Delphi Organic GmbH originally formed the company as a young start-up in 2003. This step was preceded by a period of intense working together at a long-established wholesaler specialising in certified organic food. Equipped with a broad spectrum of know-how in the organic sector, a sense of entrepreneurship, an interest in new partnerships and a willingness to face unknown challenges, the newly founded company was registered in the commercial register nearly 15 years ago.

Among other things, the individual capabilities of the three initiators have contributed significantly to the success of the company:

In his role as managing partner, Michael Hebendanz is primarily responsible for global sourcing. Frequent travel to various countries of origin means his focus is placed on worldwide resources. The personal contact he nurtures with his business partners (suppliers and customers) is also very important to him and has supplied him with a large network of international connections.

As the managing partner also responsible for supporting operational tasks on the procurement-side of the company, Patrick Curran sees the additional focus of his duties in his leadership role in the Purchasing department. In his teamwork with other employees, he considers himself responsible for maintaining excellent contacts with suppliers and customers.

Also a managing partner, Markus Dornhege is responsible for heading up the Sales department. In addition to performing strategic duties, he also leads the Accounting department owing to being qualified as an accountant.

A steadily growing multicultural workforce with their personally shaped views of individual cultural groups provides the perfect breeding ground for recognising and understanding lifestyles in our target markets.

Close work with our local employees in each of our products’ countries of origin comprises part of the company’s success concept. Close cooperations have formed with part locally born contacts, which represent an extreme gain in terms of reliable partnerships. We have access to knowledgeable team players in the following countries:

China: Patty Zhu has been with us for many years. As a local, she contributes to the smooth running of our trade relationship with our Chinese suppliers with her large network of inspectors. In particular, our close partnership with Galab Laboratories in Hamburg facilitates the immediate analysis of residues that results in an unbroken supply chain.

Mexico: With his in-depth knowledge, being to no small extent due to his studies in foreign trade, Manuel Barrera, who is Mexican by birth, ensures smooth contacts with our business partners in Mexico. His local knowledge coupled with his expertise facilitates our cooperation with various local suppliers. His personal commitment to establishing contacts with new suppliers is of great help in establishing cooperations.

Peru: Frank Schreiber is our German contact in Peru as one of our countries of origin. He is constantly meticulous in his search for suppliers who supply products that match the range of products in the Delphi Organic assortment list. What is really helpful here is that he moved to Peru many years ago, where he has now founded a family. His know-how helps us to set-up contact with reliable local producers and maintain successful partnerships.

In addition to focussed employee training, we are also involved in promoting young talent and have been training young people for many years.

A glimpse behind the scenes at Delphi Organic illustrates what moves the company: an open corporate culture. The objective here is to bring customers, employees and partners together in an efficient environment coupled with mutual understanding in harmony with nature.

As a partner to the food industry, manufacturers and packers, we look forward to supplying you with palletised goods and complete cargoes from our wide range of products. The products we import worldwide are tested to the highest quality standards and can only thus meet our requirements. Convince yourself of our high level of service and place your trust in our many years of experience.