Relationships based on true partnerships are our strength

Our power comes from teamwork


(The Health Food Company)

Partners from the outset: The Health Food Company in Sicily:

The Health Food Company (HFC), which is based at the foot of the volcano Etna in Pedara, has been dedicated to procuring high-quality organic almonds and other nuts from the Mediterranean region since 1999. The owners, Luciano Scire and Massimo Rindone, are the founders of the company and have put their heart and soul into it. Although in the early years the range was still limited to products of Sicilian origins, the Health Food Company now operates globally, focusing especially on organic almonds and organic pistachios from Spain, as well as organic Italian hazelnuts. However, the product range also includes other nut specialties as well.

We are glad to have gained Luciano and Massimo as strong partners and well as friends in the early days of Delphi Organic. Since our company was founded, we have been able to rely on each other and constantly develop joint projects. A solid partnership has been forged over the past few years, the success of which shows that working together is the right path.

We are able to supply you with the best almonds thanks to the ability to focus on our core competencies and to give priority to common ground. The Health Food Company guarantees quality at the source by carefully selecting local partners and conducting regular visits to the producing country. More than 15 years of experience in international trade and project management are an important pillar of the company.

In recent years, demand for mutual exchange of products has grown. So we are pleased that our partners are also marketing the products imported by Delphi Organic from around the world in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. A continuous exchange of information on trends and market conditions offers the best possible service for you as a customer. You can rely on it! We look forward to a shared future with our partners on site and with you as a customer.