Thinking globally, acting responsibly and organically

For many years this is the  principle we have held to faithfully

For us, ensuring the famous Delphi Organic quality starts on site at the source. Over the years, we have developed solid partnerships with the people at the source of the product worldwide thanks to constant travel and local presence. The continuous exchange with growers and processors in the producing country enables us to develop and implement solutions in good time.

The mutual understanding of different cultures and the shared aspiration to ecological, economic, and social objectives ensure Delphi has the highest organic product qualities. Fair treatment of people and protecting the environment and resources are always a priority for us.

5 principles of our philosophy

  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Quality

Organic at a glance

What does organic mean?

Everyone’s talking about organic foods and they are becoming increasingly popular. But what does the term “organic” mean? Raw ingredients and foods that come from certified organic farms are called organic. In contrast to conventional farming, organic farming is a particularly natural and environmentally friendly form of agriculture. By law, organic raw ingredients must not be genetically modified, nor is the use of synthetic chemical pesticides allowed. Organic farming relies on circular economy. The aim is to find a balance between the soil, plants, and animals. Humans and nature benefit equally from this cultivation method.

How can consumers identify organic food?

To distinguish organic foods from conventionally produced products, the EC Eco-Regulation 2092/91 was introduced in Europe in 1991. Consequently, products manufactured in accordance with the EC Eco-Regulation can be labelled and marketed as organic on the European market. In addition, all producers and companies that trade in organic food and organic raw ingredients are obliged to get certified as organic by an external accredited inspection body. This gives consumers the assurance that the product they purchase really is an organic product. In addition, there are other farming associations, such as Naturland, Bioland, or Demeter. A Naturland, Bioland, or Demeter Association certification is additional to the mandatory organic certification.

Another important aspect is transparency. The traceability of organic products from producers in the country of origin to the consumer must always be available and verifiable. These important criteria, coupled with trust and long-term partnerships, are the foundation for safe global trade in organic raw ingredients for Delphi Organic.
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