Independent Cooperation Partners

Working for us worldwide

What does it mean to employ cooperation partners in third countries?

The goal of our company is to ensure quality control from the origin to the delivery in the warehouse. To achieve this, the products we source from third countries are already inspected in the country of origin by qualified specialists and partners. One of our partners is the renowned German analytical laboratory and supply chain specialist, GALAB Laboratories GmbH.

International Cooperation with GALAB Laboratories GmbH:

GALAB Laboratories is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of food safety and analytics, with various subsidiaries around the globe. GALAB supports quality control from the origin, offering efficient loading control and sampling on-site. They ensure that the quality meets the prevailing standards according to strictly defined criteria, thereby contributing to the safety of the supply chain.

What distinguishes our international cooperation partners?

GALAB’s international cooperation partners are deeply rooted in their respective local cultures and possess unparalleled knowledge of the regional industrial landscape. This enables them to tailor their services efficiently to the specific needs of customers on-site, regardless of their location.

Despite their different cultural backgrounds, our partners share a set of common core values: foresight, open-mindedness, adaptability, and quality. This ensures that a consistent service quality can be provided on a global level. Regardless of geographical location or cultural context, our partners are capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations placed on them.