Quality assurance requires constant checks and communication

Close cooperation with accredited laboratories




Lastingly ensuring the high quality of our raw ingredients from organic farms is a top priority for us. Thanks to our local experts, we can conduct an initial analytical and sensory assessment of the product to be shipped in many countries.

In addition, in close cooperation with accredited laboratories we ensure that our products comply with the EU Regulation on Organic Farming and offer the highest level of product safety. Adapting to current conditions makes it possible to reduce complaints as much as possible.

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Product safety


Our supplier and complaint management department enables us to continuously review our suppliers and products, with the aim of promptly implementing corrective measures. The products are checked on site in the country of origin by our trusted employees and sent on their journey once approved. After proper customs clearance, the quality assurance department begins its work in collaboration with accredited laboratories. The products are checked again before they are sent to customers via certified carriers or stored.

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In addition to our branch in Münster, our company also has branch in Hamburg. Professional logistics make it possible for us to deliver to our warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the port and then make on-time deliveries from there to our customers. This is the reason why we chose this strategically important trading centre as the location of our warehouse and Quality Assurance department.

Short distances provide us with the flexibility and cost efficiency required for the sensitive handling of food that originates from certified organic cultivation. The northern German city of Hamburg serves us as an important centre for import and export. Competence and a transparent supply chain create trust.

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“Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product!”

Our concern is not only to thoroughly inspect the goods using sensory-visual means, but also professionally analyse them to ensure that the products we market are of the highest quality. He have discovered a highly competent partner in Galab Laboratories, characterised by a skilled, qualified workforce who specialise in food.

We have maintained a successful collaboration with the Galab laboratory in Hamburg for many years, among others.



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We are member of the Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e.V.