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15 March 2016

Our Chulupi-sesame – for Humans, Nature and Society

An ecological and social sustainability are becoming more and more important in our world. We strive to reunite this kind of thoughts with our Chulupi-Sesame project. The project evolved from our long-standing engagement in South America. Particularly Paraguay is close to our hearts. Consequently, 2013 a special project started to include the natives of the tribe Chulupí from the Chaco region in Paraguay.
In cooperation with the Mennonite-colony Neuland we support two Chulupi settlements ‚Yacacvash‘ and ‚Paraiso‘. Together with the Mennonits such social challenges as poverty, unemployment and alcohol addiction is being counteracted. For instance, new stone homes are being built in order to steadily improve the life conditions. Along with the medical assistance and educational measures the Chulupis have the opportunity to provide themselves with cattle breeding and farming.
In both settlements live some 150 families together. They dispose of around 400 ha land for organic planting. Circa 2-3 ha of land is cultivated by each family independently.
The work intensive sesame is sown, grown, cleared of weeds and finally manually harvested. Together with the cooperation Neuland the crop is being cleaned mechanically, packed and exported. For organically grown sesame the Chulupis earn an over the market price. Besides, after successful trainings the farmers benefit from the awareness of the importance and implementation of the sustainable farming.
Our on-site presence enables emerging of important partnerships. Alongside the Mennonit economic consulters our organic pioneer Klaus Würth, who lives in the neighborhood of Chulupis villages, stays always at their disposal as a contact person and tireless adviser.
As the result of the project a beneficial community spirit evolves on the basis of a better life style and organic farming. The objectives of Delphi Organic to think globally and to act ecologically responsible are being optimally followed by the Chulupi-project.

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