Paraguay: Our project in the heart of South America!

Enjoy sesame seeds and chia seeds from the heart of South America.

About the cultivation / production

Harvesting is done manually. The sesame plants are chopped and bundled into sheaves. The plants are thus optimally dried under the Paraguayan sun.

After the shells have opened, the sheaves are beaten out on sheeting to get the seeds out of the shells. Then, coarse impurities are separated from the seeds with a sieve and the seeds are prepared for machine cleaning. Then begins the cleaning process to supply you with a cleaned, ready-to-eat product.

The background of the partnership

We have maintained close relations and partnerships in Paraguay for 10 years now. Thanks to our man on the ground, Delphi Organic is able to detect and eliminate risks early and thus implement continuous improvements.

Experience has shown that collaborating with experienced agricultural engineers is indispensable. These are responsible for cultivation and advising small-scale farmers day to day, among other things. Most small-scale farmers have fields about 5 ha in size. This size is ideal for manually keeping the fields weed-free for the special requirements of organic cultivation.