Vietnam: Vietnam: Discover the diversity of Asia!

With us you’ll discover high-quality cashew nuts and tasty coconut flakes.

About the production

Our cashews are gently steamed and cracked by machine. Then they are freed from their brown skin, sorted, and packaged.

An independent appraiser ensures the quality of the goods to be shipped on site. A representative sample is then sent to our competent quality assurance team in Hamburg first. If the sample meets the analytical and sensory requirements of our standards, the goods will be approved for shipment to Europe or North America. The on-site visits by Delphi Organic staff are indispensable. Procedures and processes are continuously optimised and documented in audits together. We aspire to jointly develop our relations with our project partners.

The background of the partnership

We have been active in Vietnam for many years, gaining useful experience in dealing with the land and people. Solid partnerships are our priority here. The exchange enables us to offer variety in our range. This means we can also offer organic coconut flakes from Vietnam.

Furthermore, this project is not only EU certified organic, but also has NOP and Kosher certification. This means we are also able to supply our organic cashew nuts and coconut flakes to other markets in addition to Europe.