Kenya: more than just a view of Africa!

Find out about our sustainable project management as part of our macadamia nut project in Kenya.


About the cultivation / production

While in 2014 there were just 700 farmers, there are now 4,700 farmers cultivating organic macadamia nuts. The macadamia trees of these small-scale farmers grow on the slopes around Mount Kenya. After the harvest, the nuts are collected and transferred to the manufacturing facility. One they reach the production facility, the nuts are dried, cracked, cleaned, sorted, and packed. During the high season, up to 1,500 people work in the company’s various production sites, which are designed to meet the highest quality and hygiene standards, as evidenced by the ISO 22000 certification. Moreover, fair working processes are valued. Our local project partner thus offers many families the possibility of financial self-sufficiency. So it is of great importance that this project has a Fair Trade certification by Ecocert.


The background of the partnership

Since 2014, we have been supporting a newly certified organic project in Kenya for certified organic macadamia nuts. It is especially important to us to support our partners from the outset. This process encompasses everything from the introduction of organic certification, to the global distribution of the products, to sustainable and long-term supervision of the project. As a company, we build up trust with our local partners through regular on-site presence. For us, the safety and quality of our organic macadamia nuts starts with the producer. Through joint visits with our quality assurance team in Kenya, we form our own idea of the situation at the source and push forward developments. The focus is on mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.
This enables us to ensure that only the best quality macadamia nuts reach your plate.