Organic Lentils, red, whole, footballs

Organic Lentils, red, whole, footballs

Organic Lentils, red, whole, footballs

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Lentils, red, whole, footballs

What is hidden under the brown shell of mountain lenses becomes “footballs” when peeled. Here it’s the pure red lentils, a pleasure for all those who can’t quite befriend the shell. But also other gourmets get their money’s worth, because the taste and consistency of the lentils change when they are peeled. Peeled lentils are easier to tolerate for many people. Another advantage is the shorter cooking time, as the red lentils quickly become soft. Long soaking is hardly necessary. Our whole, red organic lentils “Footballs” come from Turkey, where they are grown sustainably. Organic cultivation also has a positive effect on the ingredients. With our red organic lentils it is mainly potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron that contribute significantly to a healthy diet. Like all lentils, the “Footballs” are rich in protein. They are therefore best suited for all those who want or need to eat meatless. With their vitamin content, above all vitamin A, vitamin C and the vitamins of the B complex, organic lentils are a valuable ingredient in vegan and vegetarian cuisine.


Our red organic lentils with their aromatic nutty taste are milder and sweeter than unpeeled lentils. They also boil more creamy, which makes them perfect for soups and sauces. They go well with other, firmer legumes because they give these dishes a creamy consistency. Red lentils also taste good in salads, the cooking time may be shorter so that they don’t lose their bite. Red lentils make the dough for bratlings supple, they combine all ingredients in a harmonious and tasty way. “Footballs” complement rice dishes and round curries with their sweet taste. They go well with fish, light and dark meat and make vegetable dishes particularly nutritious.

Organic Lentils, red, whole, footballs Organic Lentils, red, whole, footballs

Product features

Nutritional table

304 kcal | 1283 kJ
23,4 g
40,6 g
davon ZuckerSugar
1,1 g
1,6 g
gesättigte Fettsäurensaturated fatty acids
0,2 g
einfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenmonounsaturated fatty acids
0,2 g
mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenpolyunsaturated fatty acids
0,6 g
BallaststoffeDietary fiber
17 g

Nutritional values are subject to usual fluctuations in natural products.


25 kg
Kühl undtrocken lagern Keep cool and dry
18 Monate ab Produktionsdatum 18 months from production date