Organic Quinoa, red

Organic Quinoa, red

Organic Quinoa, red

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Quinoa, red

Spicier than white, but not quite as strong as black quinoa, the red version is ideal for those who can’t decide or simply appreciate the additional flavor. Red quinoa scores with its firmer structure, its consistency is retained in salads, as a side dish or in vegetable dishes even after cooking. The appearance of the red grains also speaks for itself. This variety is not inferior to the others in terms of health benefits: Protein easily usable by the human body, valuable dietary fibres and the absence of gluten make quinoa valuable not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for people sensitive to gluten. Minerals are also abundantly contained in this pseudo grain. Magnesium, calcium, iron and other trace elements contribute significantly to the function of metabolism, cell renewal and other body processes.


The special aroma of the red quinoa complements perfectly with cheese platters and cheese casseroles. In roast meats it ensures a loose consistency. The red seeds result in interesting color and intense flavor of cereal slices and paps. The firmness of the red quinoa remains even after cooking. It is therefore particularly suitable for salads because it does not disintegrate. In fruit preparations, mueslis, smoothies and cold peels, the pretty red seeds provide an appetizing appearance and a savory taste contrast. As a pure side dish, red organic quinoa is just as popular as in soups and stews. In the vegan kitchen red quinoa is used like caviar, because the red grains are just as attractive to look at.

Organic Quinoa, red Organic Quinoa, red

Product features

Nutritional table

334 kcal | 1415 kJ
13,8 g
58,5 g
5,0 g
gesättigte Fettsäurensaturated fatty acids
0,5 g
einfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenmonounsaturated fatty acids
1,3 g
mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenpolyunsaturated fatty acids
2,6 g
BallaststoffeDietary fiber
6,6 g
24 mg

Nutritional values are subject to usual fluctuations in natural products.


25 kg
Kühl und trocken lagern Keep cool and dry
18 Monate ab Produktionsdatum 18 months from production date