Organic Sesame, hulled

Organic Sesame, hulled

Organic Sesame, hulled

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Sesame, hulled

Peeled sesame is pearly white, its consistency softer than that of unpeeled seeds. Peeled sesame seeds also have health benefits. Above all, it is the oil contained with its unsaturated fatty acids, the high proportion of selenium and the protein which is well usable by the human organism. Hardly any other seed has such a high mineral content as organic sesame. Sodium and potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as phosphorus and iron are abundantly contained in the light-coloured seeds. As with all our products, it is important to us that organic sesame is of high quality and comes from sustainable cultivation.


Peeled sesame is the starting point for the production of sesame mush and sesame sauces. It is a component of sushi, goes well with fish dishes and can be served as a side dish. Peeled organic sesame is a popular baking ingredient, appreciated for its softer bite and milder taste. If you like, you can enhance the nutty aroma by roasting the peeled sesame. Organic sesame, peeled, goes well with vegetable dishes and lamb. It makes breadcrumbs crispy and also provides a variety of flavors. In desserts and spreads, the ground light sesame seeds ensure a creamy consistency. Peeled organic sesame supplements smoothies with valuable protein.

Organic Sesame, hulled Organic Sesame, hulled

Product features

Nutritional table

565 kcal | 2339 kJ
17,7 g
10,2 g
davon ZuckerSugar
0,2 g
50,4 g
gesättigte Fettsäurensaturated fatty acids
6,8 g
einfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenmonounsaturated fatty acids
19,1 g
mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenpolyunsaturated fatty acids
22,3 g
BallaststoffeDietary fiber
11,2 g
112,5 mg

Nutritional values are subject to usual fluctuations in natural products.


25 kg Papiersack25 kgpaperbag
Kühl und trocken lagernKeep cool and dry
Min. 12 MonateMin. 12 months