Organic Sesame, unhulled

Organic Sesame, unhulled

Organic Sesame, unhulled

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Sesame, unhulled

It is a delicate golden tone that immediately catches the eye with this sesame variant. The inner advantages of the unpeeled organic sesame, however, surpass its attractive appearance. Organic sesame has up to 800 µg selenium per 100 g seed. Its content of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron is also above average. Due to its high protein content, organic sesame makes an important contribution to the protein supply of vegetarians and vegans. Sesame is considered a digestive regulator, which can be attributed to the minerals on the one hand and to its fibre content on the other. Our organic sesame comes from Paraguay, Ethiopia or India, where it is cultivated sustainably. In projects, which have the improvement of the life of the natives as an important goal, it is produced in agreement with nature and after the standards of the biological cultivation.


Natural, unpeeled sesame is a sought-after ingredient for baked goods, whether in the dough or as a taste accent on the surface. When ground into flour, unpeeled sesame seeds together with gluten-containing cereal flours produce particularly savory breads. Sesame is used to bake delicious, wholesome snack biscuits, while the unpeeled seed is almost a classic ingredient in muesli bars. Sesame seed is increasingly ranked high on the popularity scale as an ingredient for vegan chocolate and confectionery. The nutty tasting grains spice up muesli, they are suitable as toppings for fruit and desserts as well as for salads. Unpeeled sesame seeds go well with vegetable dishes and give Asian dishes bite and nutty flavour. Sesame and cheese make a wonderful contrast.

Organic Sesame, unhulled Organic Sesame, unhulled

Product features

Nutritional table

588 kcal | 2429 kJ
17,7 g
10,2 g
0,2 g
50,4 g
gesättigte Fettsäurensaturated fatty acids
6,8 g
einfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenmonounsaturated fatty acids
19,1 g
mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenpolyunsaturated fatty acids
22,3 g
BallaststoffeDietary fiber
11,2 g
0,11 g

Nutritional values are subject to usual fluctuations in natural products.


25 kg Papiersack25 kg paperbag
Kühl und trocken lagern Keep cool and dry
Min. 12 Monate ab Produktionsdatum Min. 12 months from production date