Organic Almonds, blanched

Organic Almonds, blanched

Organic Almonds, blanched

For specific product inquiries, we would like to point out that our minimum order quantity per product is 750 kg.

Almonds, blanched

Our blanched organic almonds are discreet in taste, full of ingredients and have a pleasant appearance. As with all our nut fruits, we also attach great importance to selected quality in our almonds. Our local employees convince themselves of the quality of the offer before purchasing. Short transport routes from our preferred European cultivation areas such as Spain and Italy make a significant contribution to preserving the full aroma of the almonds. Further processing is also carried out in particularly gentle processes. During blanching, the brown, strong tasting skin is softened by steam and removed from the kernels. In contrast to unpeeled almonds, this results in a milder taste, which nevertheless has the typical almond aroma. In blanched sweet almonds, the almond’s own minerals, vitamins and trace elements are largely preserved. Organic blanched almonds contain a lot of protein, with about 17 to 19 percent they are a complete substitute in the vegetarian and vegan diet. The content of vitamin E (tocopherol equivalent) is also remarkable. This vitamin is said to have a positive effect in the fight against free radicals, which are the cause of the human aging process.


Organic blanched almonds are multitalented. Due to their reserved but typical almond taste, they are suitable for the production of cakes, pastries and pralines as well as for the preparation of savory pleasures. The light color that the skinned and blanched organic almonds bring with them is particularly in demand for the production of marzipan, pralines and fine cakes. The blanched almonds are appreciated by all those consumers who do not like the texture of the almond skin and the slightly astringent taste. Blanched almonds are typical gingerbread decorations, they decorate biscuits and are popular in chocolates. As an ingredient for exotic, African and Mediterranean dishes, organic blanched almonds are indispensable. The milder taste of blanched almonds also supports the preparation of savory spreads. There they supplement vegetables with their valuable ingredients and contribute to a creamy consistency due to their fat content. Green olives are pitted and filled with blanched almonds instead. According to Spanish and Oriental tradition, blanched almonds should be preserved in honey. They are thus prepared as dessert and pastry ingredient in one. Also the savory variant of the pickled seeds is appreciated in the Mediterranean, here it is typical spices such as rosemary, thyme and oregano, which together with olive oil blanched the organic almonds give an incomparable aroma.

Organic Almonds, blanched Organic Almonds, blanched

Product features

Nutritional table

639 kcal | 2638 kJ
19,7 g
5,4 g
3,6 g
56,7 g
gesättigte Fettsäurensaturated fatty acids
4,8 g
einfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenmonounsaturated fatty acids
33,6 g
mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäurenpolyunsaturated fatty acids
14,0 g
BallaststoffeDietary fiber
14,2 g
5 mg

Nutritional values are subject to usual fluctuations in natural products.


10 kg
Kühl und trocken lagern Keep cool and dry
12 Monate ab Produktionsdatum 12 months from production date